Trojanhacks: My First Hackathon is a 28 hour event for USC students to create something awesome. Many students have never been to a hackathon and feel like they don't have enough experience or skills to contribute to their team. We want to change this mentality. USC ACM wants to show you that you can go from little to no experience to making something you're proud of - you just need to put your mind to it. 


Trojanhacks will have an optional mentor for each team and guide you through the hackathon process. For those who have no experience at all, we'll have a quick workshop to get you started. There will be free food, company swag, and lots of cool people. Come join us for the weekend and see what you're capable of!


Trojanhacks welcomes all USC students regardless of skill level! You can sign up to be a Trojanhacks participant, Hacking Mentor, or General Mentor! Must RSVP on

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Ruyan Chen

Ruyan Chen

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